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Shumaker Covid-19 Announcement

Posted by Shumaker on Mar 18, 2020 6:16:21 AM


To all Shumaker Family members,

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Which Insoles Suit my Health Condition?

Posted by Shumaker on Feb 21, 2020 4:00:00 PM


You might already know which insoles are the best for your type of feet. However you can use different kinds of insoles for many different things. Your day-to-day insoles might not be the right ones for those of you that run, take part in high-impact sports, work in an active environment etc. The list is endless. There are insoles for everything. And we’re going to take you through some of the best ones for certain activities. What you need insoles for depends on what exactly you are experiencing.

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How to Fit Insoles : A Guide

Posted by Shumaker on Feb 17, 2020 1:15:00 PM
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How to Choose Insoles?

Posted by Shumaker on Feb 14, 2020 3:00:00 PM

You might already know a little about what kind of insole you need but how do you begin to choose which one you need? There are so many kinds out there and there are benefits to all. We’re going to provide an overview of a variety of insoles on the market to help make that choice a little easier (we hope). Let’s break it down.


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What Insoles Are Best For Me?

Posted by Shumaker on Feb 10, 2020 4:15:00 PM

Choosing the right insoles for you is all based on your foot shape and type, what occasion you need them for and what shoes you’ll be using them with. It's always important to get the right fitting shoes and insoles can't make up for a pair of poor fitting shoes. We’ll be exploring foot types in this article. Keep reading and I’m sure you’ll find the insoles that will pair with you and your lifestyle effortlessly.

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Winter Boots: The Insole Guide

Posted by Shumaker on Feb 7, 2020 11:00:00 AM

So here you are being bugged by the lifelong question, do I need an insole or don’t I? Well we understand this struggle. Especially when it comes to buying a new pair of shoes and especially when it comes to buying new winter boots. You desperately need them but you aren’t sure if your regular insole will make them more or less comfortable. Will they make the fit better or worse? Do winter boots even need an insole? Well we’re here to help make that decision a little easier for you. Read on to find out everything you need to know about your partner in crime, the insole.

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The Best Winter Boots To Invest In

Posted by Shumaker on Feb 4, 2020 2:16:35 PM

Winter, we love it. Cosy knitwear, steaming mugs of hot chocolate, crackling fires and warm coats. Whether you love it or hate it, there is one item of clothing sure to make all the difference, the shoes. With the dreaded mixture of snow, ice and slush the wrong pair of winter shoes can quickly turn a nice walk into something you long to forget. That’s where we come in. It’s time that you were protected and warm throughout the season. A good pair of winter boots are an investment that you need to make.

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Use Waterproof Shoe Spray to Waterproof Your Boots

Posted by Shumaker on Jan 31, 2020 2:13:00 PM

Wear your boots or shoes in any weather with our waterproofing boot spray. In this day and age there’s no need to be caught out in a sudden downpour, standing in a puddle with sopping wet feet. Using a waterproof spray ensures that while you might still be standing in a puddle, your feet will remain nice and dry.

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Choosing Your Winter Boots: Do They Need To Be Waterproof?

Posted by Shumaker on Jan 28, 2020 11:00:00 AM

Many of us feel the need to hibernate during the winter months and you know what, that just isn’t how we want to roll anymore. We want to get out and about in the great outdoors, appreciating all that the world has to offer. There are many things that you can do to prepare yourself for your perilous winter journey but let’s start with one main thing...the shoes. What shoes do you wear when the weather just isn’t playing ball? A good pair of boots are timeless and should carry you through many winters to come. The question is, what kind of boots should you buy? Well that is all dependent on what you need them for. Read on to discover whether or not you need to buy waterproof boots or non-waterproof boots.

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How to Protect Your Fresh Pedicure

Posted by Shumaker on Jan 25, 2020 6:03:00 PM

Many of us see pedicure as a bit of a treat. You typically enjoy one as part of a monthly routine or just save them for special occasions.

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