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Brand Guide: Anfibio Boots

Posted by Shumaker on Oct 28, 2019 10:30:00 AM

Proudly Made in Canada


Shumaker are proud to present a partnership with international lifestyle label, Anfibio Boots, this season. Based in Montreal, it’s a brand that puts it’s Canadian heritage and craftsmanship at the forefront of everything they do. When they say 100% Made in Canada, they mean it.


Established in 1968, they launched and quickly became recognised for their specialist moccasins, crafted using traditional San Crispino method for supreme comfort. In the 1980s the brand focussed on dominating the outdoor footwear sphere, and quickly evolved into the lifestyle brand we all know today.

Their first winter collection introduced the first ever waterproof leather boot in Canada, made using a blend of modern technology and traditional footwear methods for functional yet stylish finishes. The brand is committed to offering inclusive footwear for everyone, which means they produce non-standard sizes and widths for optimal comfort, whatever your foot shape. To date, it’s the only quality heritage company to offer styles up to size 19.


Alongside the breadth of shoe shape, Anfibio are proud ateliers and stress the importance of authentic craftsmanship to offer artistry, style and specialist construction for every pair of shoes they produce. Each shoe is produced to uphold the brand’s ethical principles and environmental standards, as they continue to promote messages of lasting excellence and durability for the harsh climate that comes alongside Canadian winters.

It’s a family-run business who are challenging fast-fashion and offering a function-first product that’s truly made to last. Pioneers for all-weather footwear, technical excellence and contemporary details; they focus on quality fabrics such as wools and shearlings for the interior linings. (It doesn’t get much warmer than that!) Their high-quality leathers are made to last a lifetime and produce unique materials with their tanneries for bespoke finishes.

Why look any further for your next pair of winter boots?



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