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Shoe Stretching: Services Available In Store

Posted by Shumaker on Oct 31, 2019 10:00:00 AM


We take comfortable feet seriously and we understand that not all shoes are a perfect fit straight out of the box, that's why we offer additional services to make sure your feet are as happy as possible. Whether you bought you pair of shoes in store or online, just bring your brand new shoes to your nearest store and we will provide you with whatever you need.

We offer a Tailor Fitting service which includes complimentary shoe-stretching services. This is a service you can get in many shoe repair stores for a charge, however, we provide this free of cost to all of our customers (on Shumaker purchased shoes only) when they are purchased online or in store. You can purchase, wear and then come back for minor adjustments. Our Shumaker Fitting Specialists have the necessary tools, machines and knowledge to complete a range of services.


Shoe Stretching


Breaking in your shoes, it’s the thing that we dread the most...will they give me blisters? Will they stretch too much? Will they hurt so much they become unwearable? We are often faced with customers who believe that if the shoes are not instantly comfortable, then they never will be. This is not true. It comes down to why it’s not comfortable, what the issue is, and what the shoes are made of. Most shoes of good quality will get more comfortable after the first few wears and should last you for years.

Leather lined shoes are a go-to for ultimate comfort. They soak up perspiration, keeping your feet cool throughout the day and most importantly, they mould to your feet. Here’s the technical process in a nutshell: Everyone sweats – feel free to deny it, but we know you do! When our feet sweat the leather lining soaks in that perspiration, in turn, the leather is softened. As we continue to wear the shoes, wherever there is pressure applied, the shoes stretch and mimic the shape of your feet. Depending on the shoes, the process can happen as quickly as one day of wear or take up to a couple of weeks. Patience is key here.

In some circumstances when patience will not work and the shoes are causing you pain, there is no shame in seeking assistance in the process. In these situations we replicate the natural process using special shoe-stretching liquid that mirrors the effect of perspiration, as well as the shoe-stretching machines available in our stores. In just a matter of 10-15 minutes, most of you will notice a difference when you put your shoes back on. Often it is sufficient enough in helping to get the process started that you will be able to wear your shoes comfortably all day and continue the wearing in process without any rubbing or blisters!


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