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Summer Shoe Guide for Men

Posted by Shumaker on Sep 20, 2019 6:52:00 PM

Ease yourself into summer with the right footwear. Set aside the stuffy work shoes and find yourself some comfortable, practical alternatives. From classic sandals through to office-appropriate styles with lighter upper designed for ventilation; these are the best shoes to wear for summer.


Everyday Sandals


A pair of staple sandals are a necessity for this season. Something easy that you can wear for your everyday life, ideally paired with some chino shorts and a relaxed t-shirt. Black goes with everything, so you can’t go wrong with it as your base colour. If you’re active and into walking (or keeping up with the kids), reach for a pair with a thicker sole and tread for support.



Summer Sneakers


Sneakers are everybodies go-to because they’re easy, comfortable and go with pretty much any outfit. But they can get stuffy in hotter seasons, so it’s key to know when to upgrade to a summer-appropriate style. Instead of chunkier styles reach for lightweight, canvas shoes. To take it one step further, find cut-out styles for all the practicality of the usual sports shoe with the added ventilation. If that’s not for you, a lot of sports shoes have small ventilation points to offer similar.


Beach Footwear


When on a beach it’s all about that easy slip on ‘n’ go vibe. Classic sandals, flip-flops and sliders will be your best friend. Easy to clean, casual and comfy are the top three considerations when picking a shoe for your next trip to the waterside.


Summer Occasion Shoes


The king of summer occasion shoes is always the boat shoe. A traditional piece that you can style your own way, it’s lightweight upper keeps it light while the sole is often made of a rubbery tread for a non-slip grip. A popular choice for casual footwear in European coastal towns, it’s now a wardrobe staple across international waters. It looks great paired with chino trousers and a lightweight shirt for an evening occasion when the temperature is still up.


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