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Get your summer look! All the options for what shoes to wear in summer

Posted by Shumaker on Sep 13, 2019 1:00:00 PM


The sun is out, the air is fresh, and the last thing you want is to be stuck in stuffy shoes. It’s time to make the smarter footwear choice, wherever this season is taking you. We’re talking classic sandals and beach-friendly flip-flops through to summer-appropriate heels and even boots that are heatwave happy. Don’t sweat - we’ve got this. These are the best shoes to wear for summer.


Summer Boots


Just because it’s summer time doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to booties. Boots look great year-round, especially paired with skinny jeans, so if you love wearing boots consider open-toed options. Boots made from alternatives to leather can allow for better breathability, too - think canvas or mesh. We love a boot with cut-out detailing for a statement look that fuses seasonal practicality. These boots are definitely made for walking.

mj874001-ladies-sandals-mjus-red-36_1400x cz14-ladies-boots-fjord-black-35_1400x


Wedged Summer Boot by Mjus Cut Out Block Heel by Fjord


Summer Sandals


Summer sandals are a wardrobe essential. The foundation for any outfit, whether you’re in a dress or pants - it can instantly take your look from the everyday norm into summer-ready. Choose from a simple, single-strapped sandal or a trend-led gladiator styles with sassy leg ties. Flat soles are great for getting the usual life-admin done in comfort. There’s something for everyone - we recommend transitioning the seasons by pairing some pretty staple sandals with a denim-based look.




h60-ladies-sandals-bellasiba-black-36_1400x cz21-ladies-sandals-fjord-red-36-2_1400x
Sebay by Sam Edelman BellaSiba's Wrap Sandal Floral Statement by Fjord



Summer Beach Shoes


Opt for something more practical for sandy strolls this summer. You can’t go wrong with a traditional flip-flop, and there are plenty of options with more straps if you need extra stability. Decorative detailing will instantly elevate the humble flip flop into a statement style, taking your waterside outfit to the next level. Flat soles are always best, but for weaker knees there are always options with moulded bases and textured soles which ensure comfort and grip; perfect if your day by the sea is spent keeping up with the kids more often than sun-soaking.


31100-ladies-sandals-stepwel-grey-36-2_1400x cz20-ladies-sandals-fjord-black-36_1400x h81-ladies-sandals-bellasiba-beige-36_1400x
Style and Comfort from Stepwel Fjord Spirals BellaSiba Wedge Sandal


Summer Heels


If you’re going out for the evening strappy sandals are a year-round option, but they really come into play during the summer months. We love wicker trims and wedges for a supremely summery vibe, with cork platforms also giving off serious sunshine aesthetic. Lighter colour palettes such as creams and pastels really add a summer statement against your year-round heel collection.


sk31723-ladies-sandals-skechers-beige-6_1400x cz7-ladies-sandals-fjord-red-35-2_1400x CZ32-BLK_1400x
Cork Wedge from Skechers Fjord Summer Wedge Distinctive Zebra Block Heel


What will you be wearing this summer? Are there styles you come back to as your tried and tested favourites? We'd love to hear from you about your favourite styles.

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